Terms of use

Date of implementation: 08/15/2021

Thank you for using Bizanium. This Agreement (the "Agreement, Terms of Use", or "Terms") is a valid legal and contractual agreement between you ("You", "a natural or legal person", "Customer", "User", "Subscriber", or "Tenant") and Bizanium("Bizanium", "Saman Information Structure", we, the "Software Service Provider", "Owner", or "Landlord"), which determines how you use ("Service") and ("Assets") is governed by the following provisions:

  • "Assets" includes all texts, data, information, software, design, graphics, and any media that we and our partners ("business agents") may make available to you.
  • "Service" includes our website and any software services, tools, modules, usable software, or any downloadable files or software (hereinafter) that we may provide through the Web or the Internet.
  • "Saman Information Structure", Private Joint Stock Company with registration number 315606 and national ID 10380326977 at the address: Tehran, Shahr-e Ziba, Ahmad Kashani St., Bandakandro Hemmat Shargh, Pardis St., Pardis 1 Building, Unit 52, is the creator, owner, and provider Bizanium software service and Bizanium brand.

Note: This is a legal contract. Please read and understand this agreement and terms of use thoroughly and thoroughly before browsing and using the Website, or attempting to test or use our Services. Only continue to use if all terms and conditions are accepted.

Agreement materials:

Article 1: General Conditions

Article 2: Definitions

Article 3: Free use

Article 4: Free trial

Article 5: Regulations for using the service

Article 6: Customer Support and Service Level

Article 7: Pricing, payment terms, and refunds

Article 8: Confidentiality of information

Article 9: Procedure for changing circumstances

Article 10: Area of responsibility

Article 11: Conditions for suspension or termination of a subscription

Article Twelve: Force Majeure

Article 13: Contact us

  1. General conditions
    1. Bizanium software service provides a software environment for team and organizational interactions. Your use of our ("Services") and ("Assets") is subject to the terms of this Agreement only. Please note that this Agreement governs your use of the Bizanium Infrastructure and Service, including, but not limited to, the process by which employees, users, customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and others through the Service Leased by you, Use or cooperate with you, too.
    2. We and you are committed to complying with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the "Electronic Commerce Law", "Computer Crime Law" and "Computer Software Creator Rights Protection Law" in this cooperation.
    3. By using the Bizanium Services, you are committed to all of the terms of this Agreement, the stated policies, and guidelines applicable to those Services. This Agreement, Policies, and Guidelines such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Service, etc. are published and updated at various times and you are committed to reading and understanding them.
    4. By completing the Bizanium Membership Form, you have indicated by reading the terms of acceptance of the Terms of Use that you have read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement and that you agree to all of them). You may not use Bizanium without acknowledging our acceptance of our Terms (this Agreement). Therefore, the use of Bizanium indicates that you have accepted all of our terms and conditions for the use of Bizanium, and this allows us to invoke it as a valid legal agreement if necessary in the courts, trade unions, etc. Let us.
    5. If you represent, on behalf of, or behalf of, a team or a legal or public entity ("Company," Business ", or" Organization "), you confirm and warrant that you have full authority to represent that Group. In this regard, you have and, consequently, that set has accepted all these conditions.
  2. definitions
    1. "Bizanium Software Service": Bizanium is a cloud software service. The right to use it is rented for a certain period. The software uses the same source code for all customers. This software service has different packages with different features and costs.
    2. "Service Rental", "Execution Right", "Subscription": Bizanium is leased to customers as a software service. During the term of the "Service Lease", the "right to execute" is the right to use the facilities of the leased plan in the computing environments of the software.
    3. "Work Environment", "Subscription", "Account", "Tenant": Any person (for themselves or on behalf of a team or legal entity) by completing the registration form through Bizanium.com can be one of the Rent plans provided by Bizanium for a period of time. This creates a "work environment" for him, which includes a web address (on the Bizanium.com domain or a "client" independent web address set by him), ID, and password. The "customer" can enter his "work environment" and use the Bizanium service with this specification.
    4. "You", "a natural or legal person", "Customer", "Bizanium User", "Subscriber", or "Tenant": any natural or legal person who registers on Bizanium.com and from Bizanium service uses "client".
    5. "Our Business Partner", "Our Partner", "Our Representative", "Our Business Role Player", "Our Business Role Player": The Bizanium business model is a business network-based model. We are the creator, owner, and provider of Bizanium service. Other natural and legal persons operating in this context as our business partners. They specialize in sales, support, consulting, and professional software services. We have delegated some authority to them, in which they are committed and accountable to their related customer.
    6. "Your Information", "Tenant Data", "Customer Information": When you use the Bizanium service, you enter and record information in your work environment called customer information or your information.
    7. "Customer User": Any person for whom you have defined an ID and password in your work environment or given permission to use the work environment is called a customer user and includes relevant people, employees, and stakeholders of your business. And even guest people for whom you create tokens to access your Bizanium service environment.
  3. Free use
    1. Bizanium service does not currently have a free package. At the same time, free use may be provided for certain customers.
  4. Free trial
    1. Bizanium service does not have a separate free trial. Alternatively, the first invoice issued at the same time as the registration has a 30-day payment period, and at the same time, we offer a guaranteed and unconditional refund of the entire amount paid up to 30 days from the start of registration and the first service rental. We offer all packages. You can register the cancellation notice and request a refund before the end of 30 days. If you want to cancel and close the account, you can get all your dedicated data from the system. Upon cancellation, your account will be permanently and irrevocably removed from the Bizanium cloud.
  5. Terms of use of the service
    1. You personally register and confirm and guarantee that all the information you provide for registration and completion of the profile is genuine. Registration by software tools such as bots is not allowed.
    2. The email address you enter and activate is officially used for all communications and is official. If you do not check your email, change your email address without notifying us, or have not received or viewed our emails for any reason, Bizanium will not be liable for any inconvenience or deletion of your information. Had.
    3. You choose and rent the desired package according to your conditions. The packages are provided to you with all the defined and specified facilities, and there is no difference in this regard in the first month and the coming months.
    4. As the owner of the leased subscription, you and all your users are responsible for protecting the security of the leased workplace. Topics include: "Choosing a unique and strong password that others can not guess", "Changing the password if it feels like it was leaked", and "Keeping your password and password information confidential".
    5. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage to your information that is caused by a failure to maintain the security and confidentiality of your or your users' identities and passwords, and you acknowledge that Bizanium is not responsible for this. It will be our responsibility to identify this issue using the log registered in the system. It should be noted that we always irreversibly and unilaterally encrypt the sensitive information of the "password" customers, so access to the customer password is not possible by anyone, not even our employees.
    6. In each user interface, a role and "access level" are defined to grant access to the backup agent to troubleshoot and maintain the system. You can select your preferred backup representative and allow him/her to enter your work environment with the role of system backup.
    7. When working with the Bizanium service, you must study and consider all the terms of this agreement and the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. You are solely responsible for violating these laws, and in the event of a violation by you, you give us the right to act unilaterally to terminate or delete your subscription and content without prior notice.
      1. You are solely responsible for and accountable for all procedures, information, and data generated and provided by Bizanium in the Bizanium-leased workplace by granting you access. We do not have any oversight or audit of these matters in your work environment, so we have no responsibility for any public or private law breach in this regard.
      2. You agree and warrant that you will rent the Workspace from Bizanium solely to carry out legal work. Any attempt to hack the system, reverse engineer, copy, or attempt in any way to compromise the security and performance of the service will result in legal termination of your subscription and no refund will be given.
      3. You and all your stakeholders in your work environment who work based on renting Bizanium software service are required to comply with all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the "Electronic Commerce Law", "Computer Crime Law" and "Software Copyright Law" "Computer software" and you are responsible for any non-compliance with these rules by you or any of your stakeholders and we will not be liable in this regard.
      4. Bizanium service is provided to customers on a cloud platform and shared resources. You are obliged to observe the limits of fair consumption of resources. In case of inappropriate use of the leased service restrictions, Bizanium infrastructure will automatically apply restrictions first. Also, in the specified cases, you will be issued a separate debt declaration based on the excess consumption. Continuing to violate the rules and restrictions will result in the complete deletion of your subscription and no refunds will be given.
      5. All information and data recorded by you and your stakeholders on the Bizanium website or workplace leased to you are yours and we have no ownership over this information and data. You are personally responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability, appropriateness, and proper use of your information and data, and we have no responsibility for the deletion, correction, damage, breakdown, or difficulty of proper storage. We do not have your data.
      6. If you do not renew the Terms of Service, terminate, terminate, or cancel this Agreement, your right to use the Software Leased Software will be terminated and revoked immediately. We keep your information and data on the Bizanium cloud for up to 90 days. During this period you can request the latest backup of your data at no new cost. After 90 days, your subscription with all information and data, and backup will be irreversibly deleted.
  6. Customer support and service level
    1. We make every effort to create a platform for uninterrupted use of Bizanium services by our customers. Commitment and guaranteed service level is 98% per month. The following special cases and exceptions are not included in the calculation of this obligation:
      1. Scheduled times for system or infrastructure maintenance activities that are notified to customers at least 24 hours in advance.
      2. Service outages due to outages in communication infrastructure and the Internet that are beyond our control.
      3. Force majeure conditions such as floods, earthquakes, wars, etc.
    2. We provide the necessary support for software updates and debugging to all customers at no cost through a communication platform tailored to the leased service.
    3. We create and update the Help Center, through which we provide knowledge-based support services offline to all customers around the clock.
    4. We (or customer-related support representatives) provide special support services tailored to specific packages to answer questions and resolve user issues through Online Chat / Ticket.
    5. Support obligations do not include teaching users how to use the system, configure and apply specific settings, change content, privatize software services, and build reports.
    6. The Bizanium service is a cloud software service, so all customers use a single software version, which is the latest version of the updated software on the Bizanium cloud.
    7. In addition to all communication channels provided, if needed you can contact our support department directly via the email address [email protected] Be.
    8. Guaranteed time and time limits for responding to customer requests vary according to the selected package of leased service, and our support team and our business partners will answer questions and problems as soon as possible by prioritizing them.
    9. As a penalty for non-compliance with the guaranteed service level, the validity period of the leased service will be preserved and pushed forward to the extent that you are unable to use your subscription due to a service failure. Also, in cases where the error of our human agents is proven, we will pay you the equivalent of a maximum of one month of service rent.
  7. Pricing, payment terms, and refunds
    1. Payment for renting the service at the beginning of the selected period is made online and through the banking portal. Longer payment periods will be discounted according to what is announced on our website. Also, sometimes in special promotions, special discounts are considered temporarily.
    2. The latest status of prices and plans are always updated on our website by announcing the change date. We have the right to change the pricing tariff and the characteristics of the rentable packages by the terms of Article 9.
    3. Upon expiration of the Service Lease, if you have not renewed or upgraded the Lease, or have not requested the Termination and Collection of the Service, your subscription will be "View Only" or "Read Only" for two weeks. "Read-Only". In this case, you will only be able to view the information and you will not be allowed to edit it. Your subscription will be deactivated after two weeks. We will deactivate your subscription with the information and data for up to 90 days from the expiration of the last term of the Service Lease, after which the terms of this Agreement (excluding the terms of the Confidentiality of Information) will automatically terminate. To be. In this case, we delete your subscription and work environment and delete its information and data irreversibly.
    4. We will notify you by email before the expiration date at different times so that our online service will not be disrupted due to non-payment.
    5. According to Article 4, we provide you with the opportunity to test and test and use the rented service for a period of 30 days, guaranteeing the return of all paid money. At the end of this period, the payment amounts are non-refundable, even if you use the rented service and request to cancel the subscription on your behalf.
    6. Given that the customer has already used the service and has sufficient knowledge of its features, payment for the extension of the service rental period does not include a money-back guarantee and is not subject to Article 37 of the Electronic Commerce Law. In the case of upgrading the service to a higher package, only the figure for the difference between the amount of the previous package and the new package will be subject to a money-back guarantee.
    7. Depending on the type and amount of service you use, you may consume some infrastructure resources (such as bandwidth, storage, memory, or processing power) beyond defined limits. In these cases, the debt bill will be issued to you with a two-week payment deadline. If you do not pay, we have the option to deactivate and suspend your subscription.
    8. You may agree with us or one of our business agents on the time and cost of providing services for services such as making the service operational in your business, implementing and privatizing the service, developing or modifying the graphic, etc.
      1. In these cases, you will be issued a debit bill. You pay for such bills through secure payment. This means that you must deposit the amount of the bill with Bizanium before starting work. After completing the work and announcing the termination, the amount deposited by you will be transferred to the account of the representative of the contractor or service.
      2. We will refund the deposit amount without question upon your announcement and request. Then we will ask you for enough information about the dissatisfaction and the reason for the issue to find the root cause and improve the quality of your work and business partners.
    9. We will issue an electronic invoice for each payment and provide it to you. Legal customers can complete their profile by requesting an official invoice with an economic code, which will be issued and sent to the customer's address at an interval of one week after payment.
    10. All your payments to us in terms of legal deductions (taxes and duties) are subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    11. If there is a problem with the invoice, you can notify the amendment request by ticket or email for review within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
  8. Confidentiality of information
    1. We respect your trade secrets and proprietary rights to the information and data you collect and upload to the Bizanium service, and we take preemptive action to maintain its confidentiality.
    2. Apart from the information you enter in this software service, we collect and maintain information about how you work with the software service in the form of (Log ). This information is also subject to our obligation to maintain confidentiality.
    3. We do not disclose your information and data to any natural or legal third party except by order of judicial authority.
    4. Under the terms specified in this agreement, we will remove your information from the system irrevocably.
    5. You can request and receive all your information for free once a week. Submitting information in this way and excess of the amount specified in this paragraph requires payment on your part.
    6. The clauses related to the confidentiality of customer information are considered permanent. (Even after termination of this Agreement)
  9. Procedures for changing circumstances
    1. We are constantly developing and improving the features and capabilities of our software and services. For this reason, over time, you will see changes that also affect the service plans and rental prices.
    2. At any time and without prior notice to Bizanium Users, we reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Software Services, and Service Rental Tariff, the features of each package, and the restrictions on the use of resources. we have.

      Note 1: Obviously, changes in terms, prices, and designs are not subject to purchases that you have purchased before the change in terms and will be valid according to the terms of purchase until the end of the validity or consumption time.

      Note 2: If you do not want to continue using the software service after changing the terms, you must announce the termination and cancellation of your subscription before receiving the first invoice with the new terms.

    3. The latest version of this agreement is always published on the Bizanium website. We are not obligated to ensure that you receive and understand the changes we make, but we use our communication channels to inform you. Therefore, your lack of knowledge of the changes made does not relieve you of your responsibility and commitment according to the latest situation.
    4. You can check the history of copying agreements and when to accept them at any time from within your work environment.
    5. Any negligence in pursuing and enforcing our rights under this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
    6. The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement take precedence over any prior agreement between us and you.
    7. Area of responsibility
      1. We have no liability for your direct or indirect losses in relation to your brand, assets, profits, reputation, or other intangible losses resulting from the following:
        1. The inability of you or your users to use the Bizanium software service and related services.
        2. Unauthorized third-party access (outside of our reputable business partners) to your information by having your account ID and password and your work environment.
        3. Use the statements or advice of any third party (outside of our reputable business partners) about how to use the Bizanium software service and related services.
      2. We are not responsible for any problems you may have due to problems with the Internet or other electronic communication platforms when using the Bizanium software service.
    8. Terms of suspension or termination of the subscription
      1. In the event of any of the following conditions, we have the full authority to suspend and terminate your subscription and work environment without prior notice, payment of any damages, and without the need for any formalities or legal or judicial action:
        1. Failure to pay bills issued by the terms of this agreement
        2. If you do not comply with any part of the terms of this agreement
        3. In case of incorrect identification or contact information by you.
    9. force Major
      1. In the event of any unforeseen occurrence and other factors beyond our control, such as strikes, public disturbances, lightning, fires, or incidents affecting the environment and the like, in a way that makes it impossible for us to fulfill the obligations and services of this agreement. We do not have any responsibility for the non-fulfillment of obligations and you deprive us of the right to make any claims against us. However, in the event of such cases, we will do our best to reduce the effects of these cases.
      2. The establishment and provision of Bizanium software by us depends on the services and infrastructure provided by several third-party companies, such as network communications providers and cloud computing infrastructure. Any interruption of service by these suppliers may disrupt our service in a way that we cannot control.
    10. contact us
      1. If you have concerns or questions about this statement, and our performance in complying with it, please contact us at [email protected].