Order and Payment

Order and pay
  • How can I be sure Bizanium is a good choice?

    The best way to answer this question is to try. You can start your work with the Bizanium cloud portal without paying. In fact, your first bill has a 30-day deadline for payment, and if the service does not attract your attention, you will not pay the bill and you will end your work with the Bizanium cloud portal. Whichever Bizanium cloud portal package you choose, a website with the necessary access has been created for you and you can use it. The first bill will be issued at the same time. You can check and test the system and, if appropriate, pay before the deadline.

  • Does Bizanium have a free trial or license?

    Bizanium service is not licensed for free use. But in order to give you the opportunity to test and evaluate, for your first bill, a 30-day payment deadline is considered. If you are satisfied with the service and before the deadline, you will pay for it.

  • How long is the service subscription? Is it possible to pay monthly?

    Bizanium service subscription time is monthly, seasonal or annual. You choose. The invoice is issued at the beginning of the period and you have to pay it on time. By choosing longer periods of the lease, you will be eligible for special discounts.

  • How do I pay for a subscription?

    We issue and send an invoice. You can pay the bill online using the payment link. Organizations that do not have the conditions for online payment can send the online payment request to Bizanium and, if agreed, register the offline payment and payment receipt.

  • Is there an official invoice with an economic code?

    Yes. For legal clients who have the economic code and official address, after payment, the official invoice will be issued in PDF format and provided to them.

  • What are the consequences if the payment of the bill is delayed?

    Sorry, when the payment deadline expires, the system will automatically restrict your access and disable the website. But you have access to your user interface. As soon as the payment is made, the service will be returned to normal. In case of non-payment, the service will remain in this state for a certain period of time, and in case of non-payment of bills, the website will be collected in full. Of course, before each action, information is given several times.

  • Is Bizanium able to pay automatically through the customer's bank account?

    In the near future, yes. After we developed integration with banking infrastructure it will be possible.

Renew or Change

Renew or change

Service specifications

Service specifications


support services
  • What does Bizanium support service include?

    Support services (more precisely, support services, the cost of which is included in the cost of the service rent) are: answering questions and providing the necessary instructions for the effective use of the Bizanium service, fixing possible errors in the representative implementation services Bizanium has been there, fixing possible performance errors that can be seen in the user experience.

  • What does Bizanium ancillary services include?

    The ancillary services that you can receive during the operation period, by paying a separate fee, are very diverse and of course, to some extent depend on the representative you choose. These services include domain registration, dedicated graphic design, website redesign, dedicated training, content uploading, SEO services, creating electronic forms, ... each at your request, based on your needs, and after agreeing on the cost can be done by agencies.

  • Who provides Bizanium support services?

    Support services are provided to you by Bizanium agents. The same agency that you chose as your agency when ordering and making the initial payment.

  • What channels support services are available and at what hours?

    Support services are provided only through the Bizanium ticketing system. The hours you can receive services depend on the package (plan) you choose. Each design has different conditions in this regard, which is mentioned in the design specifications.

  • Do you have another question?

    If you still have questions, be sure to contact us. Please email your question to [email protected].