• What is Bizanium?

    Bizanium is a cloud-based service for enterprise portals.

    The Bizanium Web Content Management (“WCM”) is not a website builder. It is a rich WCMS beside other useful integrated tools to help managing a business Effortlessly. You can create a professional portal/website all on your own. It is tailored for public and private enterprise-level organizations and businesses requirements.

    What is Bizanium?
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Why we recommend Bizanium?

  • Business portal setup

    Set up an enterprise website for your business with Bizanium

    We give you 30 days to test and evaluation

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  • Why using cloud based website management service?

    Why using cloud based website management service?

    You pay nothing for the software license. You do not have to worry about hosting or security permissions. Service rental comes with support and you do not have to pay extra for support. You pay just based on the type and amount of use.

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