Reliable support with committed SLA

We answer to your questions and problems, fix the bugs and errors, and also committed to your required SLA

Reliable support with committed SLA

Software support covers three categories of needs of the organizations that use it:

First of all, no software is bug-free, so it should be able to be reflected at any time when there is a bug in the software, and given the type and importance of bugs in the software, Correct the observed bugs in a reasonable time.

Second, when working with different parts of the system, there may be questions for users that someone must answer.

And thirdly, in case of need for change or development, there should be a reference so that after reviewing and analyzing the need, if it is possible to implement it in the desired software platform, the required changes with Do a reasonable and specific cost.

Bizanium cloud portal is ready to use the network of trained and supervised representatives who know the principles of service to organizations and large businesses, by providing a service level appropriate to your organization.