Tariffs on the price of facilities and ancillary services

In addition to the default features and services of each of the Bizanium designs, a variety of other features and ancillary services, including the following, can be rented.

Price Tariff Ancillary Services

Bizanium subscribers can benefit from a complete set of specialized services of Bizanium representatives.

Service Price (US$)
Design and implement a dedicated graphic view (graphic layout)

25$ per hour

(initial estimate of 30 hours)

Graphic element design (banner / slider / icon / symbol) 25$ per hour
Enter information and load web content (standard text and image content) 20$ per hour
User training (online private session) 30$ per hour
Design and implementation of electronic forms 30$ per hour
Design and implement integration communications 30$ per hour
Complete services for setting up and initializing the portal, including:
  • Dedicated graphic design
  • Creating content structure and information headings
  • Create pages and adjust the layout
  • Define users and set access rights
  • Enter primary content information
  • User training

20$ per hour

(initial estimate of 60 hours)

SEO services 25$ per hour

Tariff facilities and resources in excess of plans

Each of Bizanium designs has limitations in terms of resources and default features. You can rent surplus resources as needed for your subscription if needed.

Surplus resources and facilities Rentable in plan Monthly cost(US$)
Storage space 5 GB per package 15
Monthly bandwidth (traffic) 100 GB each package 10
Excess user number every 5 surplus users 10

Description: All prices in the tariff are valid within the terms of the terms and conditions of the tariff rates.

Contact your agent to order ancillary services and surplus resources on plans.

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